Save the Dates 2018-2020: ENCC events for the coming season and onwards

Our meetings and our red thread topic for the year.

This year our network is focusing on a new topic that we’re calling “From Hubs to Nodes – Developing Local Networks“. We’re looking at fluid types of cooperation that allow each local organization (or node) to contribute to a common strategy, mutualize competences and skills, reach out to new audiences and, once in movement, connect with similar networks at the European level. This local focus is present in many of our 2018-1019 meetings.

15 October 2018, Brussels: COHERE Living LabCOHERE is a multidisciplinary research project on European identity, heritage, social inclusion and cohesion. This is its second living lab after “The New Europe” in Copenhagen in 2017. Particular interesting for members working on heritage, especially in connection with youth.

24-25 October 2018, Timisoara, Romania: Travelling Academy on creating local cultural networks. This is a small, peer-to-peer meeting for those of you who are striving to connect with other territorial actors in order to have a greater impact in your work for the local community. We will see how to formulate a strategy, negotiate cooperation, align on values, work together, evaluate and adjust to changes. Our meeting will be hosted in Timisoara by Ambasada.

October 2018-December 2018: Opening of BECC 2019 call for applications. This year’s edition of our flagship staff exchange/training programme will be related to creating local networks. The kickoff seminar will be hosted by Termokiss in Prishtina, Kosovo. Attention: our call starts and ends earlier than usual this year.

Spring 2019: Project Fair (location to be confirmed). We have about 15 slots for organisations or individuals seeking international partners for a European collaboration. Participants will present a draft project to other attendees ahead of the meeting. We’ll also save some slots for people wishing to attend as observers.

Spring 2020, Denmark: Summit of Cultural Centres organised in partnership with Trans Europe Halles network. This conference will bring together (mostly public-funded) ENCC members and (fiercely independant) TEH members for a look at our similarities, contrasts & futures. Should be interesting.